Songs used for the movies

Note: songs with a * may be copyrighted or otherwise illegal for download.

All others are remixes, given freely by the remix artists and thus free and legal to download.  Enjoy.  ^_^

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Movie 1

TDC's theme Xristosphan* by Torley Wong
Link's theme One Link to Rule Them All by Ailsean
Mario's theme Super Mario 1-1 Hampton OC Remix by Chris Hampton
Megaman's theme Level Intro by Ender
Kefka's (Cefca's) theme La Locura del Kefka OC Remix by pancake chef
Zeromus' theme Zeromus Essence of Odium by Project Majestic Mix
Mawgg and Sam's theme Acoustic Battle Royale by Kae
Link vs. Zeromus MegamanX Sigmatism OC Remix by Mellogear
Mario vs. Eggman Rainbow Flag by Devvyn
Megaman vs. Kefka (Cefca) MegamanX Brainsick Metal by Protricity


Movie 2

Battle Music The Gate of Hell* by JAM Project (from Mazinkaiser?)
Remmie's theme Chrono Cross Timescars OC Remix by FFmusicdj
Jenny's theme Final Fantasy 6 Terra Black Crystal OC Remix by Kaijin
Cid's theme Engineer Cid (Factory Mix) by Matt Pollard
Sigma and Slash's theme Megaman X4 Stage Select OC Remix by DJ Terra
Tempest's theme BOSS!!! by Nukkus
sad theme Tears for a Moonlit Night by Israfel
Fight String Machine by Haroon aka FFmusicdj

Movie 3

credits 1 Final Ecstasy (remastered) by Ailsean
credits 2 Not Alone in the World by Dale North and Jaxx


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