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Launch! Woo hoo!

Well, what do you think? TDC and Remnant are now stuck within the confines of FF3. But how? Why? Will they ever get out again? Stay tuned to find out. ;)



Previous news:




Well, this is it... We launch in less than an hour. I'm excited. Not sure about you guys. Remmie's on the road coming home and isn't answering his cell, so I'm not sure how he feels about it. He'll probably freak when he finds out I launched without him. Oh well. ^_~

Right now I need to make some more pages, primarily a links page, as well as some more buttons and banners. :D *opens his graphics program* l8r, guys.




Well, apparently I'm still doing something wrong, as the updates I am writing never seem to appear on the actual site... Well, that'll all change as soon as I can figure out where to put the index... :D

Also, I think Remmie's gonna be over tonight, and we'll be working on actual comic strips. I've been cranking out images for a while now, but we should be putting them together soon. I hope to launch on Monday with five comics, one updating each weekday. Sound good? heh... I just realized you can't give me feedback yet... well, for now that's a good thing, neh? ^_^




At long last, i think I finally have this figured out! :D Making the banner into a comic really cleared some things up for me. So we shall be doing comics soon. We did decide to go with the CG images, adding the hand-drawn ones later. I hope you enjoy them! :) The first one should be up by the end of the week... I hope... ^_^

Oh, I also added our button at the bottom, and also used it for tomorrow's comic. Remember, these are just test runs... *suddenly glad he doesn't yet have his email public* I'll be making another button before too long. :)




Well, the last couple of updates have been disappointing in the extreme. But I'm still playing with things, trying to get all this keenspace stuff figured out. So today, I'm actually putting in an image for the comic, to see how well that fixes things up. I'll be using the banner image. Remember, this is only a test. If this were a real comic, I would probably shoot myself. ^_~

*silently praying* Please work...




Take 2

Well, I figured I'd better try this again. I'm not sure how this'll work, as the last one really didn't. Sorry I don't have any new content for you yet, but I promise we will soon. If nothing else, I'll just start with the CG images, and do a "flashback" kind of storyline for the explanation, incorporating the hand-drawn images at a later date.

The good news is that Remmie's in town now, and we can really get started... soon... ^_^

Once again, I apologize for our lack of updates... and lack of comic... >.<




In the beginning...

j0. TDC here. Welcome to Reset. We don't have anything up yet, except a banner, here: and a button, here: if for some odd reason you want to link to us. We should have comics up after Remmie finishes finals and I get access to a scanner. :) So in the interim, I suppose I'll just say that Reset is Coming Soon to a comic near you.




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