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Friday , December 1 , 2006

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There you have it.  I'd like to thank all of you for putting up with all the times I didn't update.  This was supposed to be done years ago, and I'm sorry I didn't complete it then.  But now I've made good on my promise.  This is the last comic in this story arc.  I won't say it's the last one ever, but you won't be seeing most of these characters again.  I may decide to do a strip here or there in the future, but don't get your hopes up.  :D

Doomkitty:  Thank you for putting up with this thing.  I know it's been a hassle and it's taken up a lot of our time, but I'm glad you didn't let me give up on it or get mad at me for working on it.  It's over, I promise.  ^_~

Ronal: Your constant support is one of the major reasons I got the comic done when I did.  You always seemed to be online when I needed to bounce ideas off someone, and the comic is better for it.

Remmie:  I'm sorry things turned out like they did, but thanks for the comic idea.  It turned out better than either of us had hoped.

There are many other people I need to thank, (Ravnos, Jon, Joe and Simon come immediately to mind,) but if I named every one of you, there just wouldn't be space.  Your assistance and support have been invaluable.

For everyone else, be sure to keep an eye on Soullular, as that's where my future work will show up.  I hope you liked Reset, and thanks for visiting!  ^_^

TDC, who is glad it's finally over
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