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Well, so far Reset appears to be a success. Of course, there's only one strip... but that's beside the point, right? :D Well, today's strip reveals a little more about Remmie and I. Recognize the green-haired chick? No? Shame on you!

In other news, I renamed all the buttons, as two of them didn't appear to be working correctly. I guess we'll see how it works out. Also, if anyone from Keenspace is reading this, could you tell me how to get the previous_day, next_day, etc. images working? I would greatly appreciate it.

I would also like some feedback about how often you guys would like the strip updated. For this week I am making a new strip for each weekday, but I don't know if I can keep up that pace for long. We'll see. So what do you think? Two times a week? Three? Five? Seven? Let me know.

One more thing. I haven't decided how closely we will follow the FF3 storyline while we're stuck in this game. Any feedback about that is also greatly appreciated! Can you tell I want feedback? Email me!

And last, I made an ezboard forum just for reset. Care to discuss it? Check it out!

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