"We take humor seriously.  Or seriousness humorously.  Or something.  Yeah."

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Here it is, the biggest I've strip ever made.  It's 900 x 1000, so sorry for those of you who have 800 x 600 resolution or less.  I feel sorry for you people anyway.  It's meant to be seen top to bottom, then left to right, in case some of you were confused.  So if you can't see the whole thing, scroll down first, then scroll right.  :)

I don't know why anyone claims sprite comics are easy.  There are 46 separate character sprites there, not one repeat.  The backgrounds were all custom sized and color shifted for variety.  Then there are the projectiles and motion blurs...  If anyone watched me make this strip, they would probably never touch a mouse as long as they live.  :D

If you've ever wondered what a digital battle between two shape-shifters would look like, this is basically it.  Sometimes they change form purposely, sometimes not.  I have debated how to do this strip for literally years...  I hope you like it.  ^_^

Well, this is basically it for Reset.  That's the last battle, odd though it may be.  The next strip should tie up most loose ends with the side characters, and the last one will actually finish the story.  After this one, those two will be easy.  ^_~

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